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Radio Interview Mike Thayer

For those that don’t follow me on Facebook, I wanted to post the link to my recent radio interview on Utah’s Alt 101.9. They contacted me the same day the Deseret News article came out and I was on the radio the very next morning. I had a great experience and would love to do more things like that in the future. Hopefully I was able to clarify a few things and supplement my case. You be the judge.

Radio Interview Link

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  1. Maire says:

    First time reader, enjoyed your very on target post.
    I’m a 54 year old woman; Mother of 3(+ bonus Child), married. I’ve been an at home Mom, working Mom. I’m grateful to be older & wise enough to know that most of these blogs are the Milennials equivalent of Ozzie & Harriet from the 1950’s & The Brady Bunch & Little House on the Prairie from my childhood, the big difference being that unlike the TV shows from previous generations, the Internet is a 24/7 fest of smoke & mirrors & fantasy, where the ability to have your 15 minutes of fame has become infinitely much more accessible & easily achieved.
    The effects of which you touch on in your article.
    God help this generation & future ones.

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