7 Responses to Men’s Fashion Struggles — Selecting the Right T-Shirt

  1. Steve says:

    Your shirts are all awesome and terribly wrinkled. Someone needs to teach you the powerful art of folding.

  2. Beth Osgood says:

    Just when I thought I’d seen everything that could possibly be appropriated . . . now straight, white, cis men have it just hard in their walk in closets. Please give me a moment while I go cry you a river.

    • Sam says:

      Give me a break Beth, white men have it just as hard as women. Maybe even harder. Today’s world isn’t the 1950s. Men have incredible amounts of pressure to be “handsome” or keep a clean house, or look like “mr perfect” all the time. Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous. Women can just do whatever they want and immediately be idolized and get Anything they want just because they are women. Keep on flaunting your stuff Beth to get ahead in life, you might just convince everyone that men actually don’t have it harder than women. Smh.

    • Garrett says:

      Geez Beth, the 21st century called and they want their propaganda back. What do you have against straight white men?

      • Beth Osgood says:

        Along with my right to vote, work outside the home, and have a say in what I do with my body . . . I don’t have a problem with straight white men. Just clowns like you and the author of this blog. If you want to have a real debate, fine. But what you have to say probably wouldn’t fit on a bumper sticker or within the limits of a tweet, right?

  3. Roseanne Young says:

    SO FUNNY! Zach and I loved it!

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