Available now The Double Life of Danny DayThe time has finally come! The Double Life of Danny Day, the story of a 6th grade boy who lives every twice, is out now! The response from readers and reviewers has been awesome, and I even got my ol’ pal Brandon Mull to give me a cover quote. If you’re looking for a fun, humorous, unique summer read, then look no further. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out what others have been saying about Danny Day:

“A riveting premise that builds into an entertaining story. You may feel tempted to read it twice!” 
– Brandon Mull, #1 NYT Best-selling author of Fablehaven and Dragonwatch
“Best read of summer 2021!…This book is destined to become a middle school library and classroom staple.”
– Barb Scherry, bookseller
“A very solidly fun middle grade novel!…Thought provoking AND fun.”
– Ms. Yingling Reads
“It’s a riveting premise and a cool spotlight on the social world of videogames, and readers will consider their double days with Danny to be time well spent.”
– The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
“I thought I would enjoy it since it sounded like a fun, interesting read with a very novel concept. And it was all that…It is surprisingly profound…”
– Amy Moreno, librarian
“The humor is on point! Danny has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever read!”
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3 Responses to THE DOUBLE LIFE OF DANNY DAY is Out Now!!

  1. Pamela Daza says:

    What real game is the game Champion Royals based on?

    The Daza Family

    We’re enjoying the audio book together!

    • thaydawg says:

      Hello! I’ve been a gamer all my life and I also love epic fantasy. Champions Royale was inspired by Fortnite, Apex Legends, and just all the great fantasy books, video games, and movies I’ve enjoyed over the years.

      So glad you’re enjoying the book!!

  2. Eden Lindberg says:

    Hi there! My son loved reading The Double Life of Danny Day. He is wondering…. Will there be a sequel?!?


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