The Controvers-o-meter

Controversometer Church

As an introduction to my website and blog, I would like to present the Controvers-o-meter.  Each blog post will be evaluated using a highly sophisticated controversy detection method, whereby I look at what I write and think “how many people are going to get their feathers ruffled by this and how vigorous will the feather ruffling be?”  I am not consciously setting out to be a feather ruffler (not usually at least); I am simply providing my commentary on life.  Many of my future posts (e.g. how to make good puns, the science of awesomeness, etc) and information about my novels should carry little to no controversy, but I have little doubt that some of what I say is bound to irk someone.  To this end, and to protect the plumage of those with a seemingly infinite supply of tenuously attached feathers, I offer you due warning with the Controvers-o-meter.

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