Podcast: Episodes 12 – 23

Calling All Nerds PodcastHowdy ho! Doing another podcast episode catch up. With the first dozen episodes of Calling All Nerds being an eclectic mix of artists, filmmakers, fitness coaches, and doctors, episodes 12-23 has been all about the authors. I had a chance to sit down and talk to everyone from debut authors to seasoned veterans of 18 novels. There was everything from self-published/indie to small press to huge 7-figure contracts and NYT Bestsellers to hybrid authors and even screen writers (there was also Andy Ballstaedt. She’s not an author, but she’s one of my all-time favorite conversationalists and she’s rad).

Every single one of these guests is a professional at telling fictional stories but the one story that I’ve become endlessly fascinated with has been their own unique personal story toward becoming a published author. I love learning about how people have navigated this everchanging industry, what they do similar to me, different than me, their successes, their setbacks, their advice, their wisdom, and on and on. Here’s to many more episodes with many more interesting folks!

Here are links to all their websites:

Jodi Milner: https://jodilmilner.com/

Stephen Gashler: https://stephengashler.com/

Andy Ballstaedt: http://andyoverthinks.com/

Frank Morin: http://www.frankmorin.org/

Jacob Gowans: http://www.jacobgowans.com/

Aaron Johnston: http://www.aaronwjohnston.com/

Sofiya Pasternack: https://www.sofiyapasternack.com/

Nick Petrarch: https://nicholaspetrarch.com/

J Scott Savage: https://www.jscottsavage.com/

Shauna Holyoak: https://www.shaunaholyoak.com/

Jennifer Nielsen: http://jennielsen.com/

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