Double Life of Danny Day Cover Mike ThayerYo, long time no post. I know. No need to worry, however, because I come bearing great news! The cover for my upcoming novel, THE DOUBLE LIFE OF DANNY DAY (June 15, 2021) has been revealed!!

I was nervous and excited about the cover. With the Techno Wizard books, I have ultimate creative control. There are never any surprises as I literally watch each of them being drawn and give feedback to my artist realtime. My cover artist is also brilliant, so that helps.

With a traditionally published book, however, things are very different. Your publisher may or may not ask for your input, and then they might not care about your input once you’ve given it. You’re pretty much at the mercy of your publisher’s sales/marketing/design team. They should know what they’re doing (and they often do), but we’ve all seen some stinker covers out there. And NO ONE wants a stinker cover.

It’s like when each of my kids was born. I was always nervous about having an ugly baby. For the most part, babies are adorable. But we’ve all seen ugly babies. You want to be excited about your baby, show people pictures, tell them all about it, but if you have an ugly baby then that complicates things. People smile and nod. They lie to you. Things get awkward. Same goes for an ugly cover. Luckily, I was blessed with both beautiful children and a beautiful cover. My publisher let me give tons of input, which was awesome, and they selected a super talented artist. I pushed for Discard Danny (the top Danny) to be a bit crazier, but all in all I am very pleased (note: I’m aware of the typo in the tagline. It’s getting fixed).

Now that things with Danny Day are heating up, stay tuned for a bunch more posts. I’ve got an INCREDIBLE author lined up to give me a cover quote, although he is extremely busy, so fingers crossed there.

Over and out.


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