The Techno Wizard

As of August 2017, I have finished the first and second drafts of my middle grade fantasy book, The Techno Wizard. My novel is the first in a multi-book series (think Chronicles of Narnia meets Spy Kids) in what I hope is a humorous, unique, and modern spin on the portal fantasy genre. I have included the query letter I send to agents to give you a flavor of what you can expect.

Thirteen-year-old Sam Baggend is the only person in Avalon who can’t use magic. He’s also the only person in Avalon with a bag of high-tech spy gear, a solar-powered cell phone with intermittent signal back to earth, and a murderous wizard-Emperor on his tail…so he’s got a lot going for him.

There he was, minding his own business, using a drone to drop an egg on his vice-principal’s head, when the ground starts to shake. Sam collapses during the quake only to wake up in Avalon, a parallel world to his own, where the magical power of aether flows through and is used by all living creatures, except for Sam.

Sam is so aether-repelent, in fact, that he destroys the stuff on contact, which is something of a concern for the tyrannical Emperor of Avalon who has amassed more aether than all his subjects combined. You don’t spend your whole reign implementing an oppressive aether tax on your empire just to have all your spoils wiped out by some strange techno-wizard kid from Montana. No, you do not.

Sam eventually learns that his only hope of returning home lies with meeting the Emperor head on and draining the tyrant of his power. To do that, Sam will have to unite the people of Avalon and use his whole bag of technological tricks…and post about it on social media…oh, and not get killed. That’s important too.




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