I Have a Twitch Channel!!

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Alrighty folks. Aside from writing, doing school visits, a podcast, conventions, and Renaissance festivals, I also had a goal to start a Twitch channel. That goal now has a big ol’ fat check mark on it. For those unfamiliar with Twitch, it’s a platform that essentially allows folks to have their own live “TV channel” online. Most of the channels are people livestreaming themselves playing video games, but people do all sorts of interesting stuff on there. Like me, for example.

My channel will evolve over time, but for right now I will be playing video games while dressed up as different characters. If you don’t know me very well, this may seem like a strange thing for a grown man to do. If you DO know me, this should not be a surprising development. I gave one of my characters a test drive last night. He still needs a name, but he’s basically a very patriotic American cowboy. I will also have Gandalf, a guy named Uncle Charlie, and a German scientist, but I’ll have to feel out which ones work and which ones don’t.

So check me out at https://www.twitch.tv/thenewhooligan and give me a follow! There are quite a few Twitch streamers out there who use bad language. I will not be one of them. Inventive language, maybe, but no constant stream of profanity. Should be fun for all ages! Check out my promo video I put together from the first night to get a taste for what I’m doing. Rock on!


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4 Responses to I Have a Twitch Channel!!

  1. gunnar says:

    i love your books more than my dog [ my dog is smelly ]

  2. owen thayer says:

    Hi dad mr. casy watched my channel

  3. gunnar says:

    if I were to rate your books on a scale of one to ten i’d rate it 1,000,00,000,000,000,000,000 x 2 million

  4. owen thayer says:

    Every body is crazy about end game

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