As of now, I am not a published author (that’s bad). I have, however, written a novel (that’s good). It took me six years to complete the first draft and two more years of revision to get to the fifth draft (that’s bad and good). A Place Among Heroes is the first book in an epic fantasy series tentatively called The 77th Generation. You can read the first two chapters and learn more about the project here: A Place Among Heroes

There is much I love about this novel, but I have come to recognize that a sweeping epic fantasy series is ridiculously ambitious for someone whose last formal english class was half a life ago in high school. Instead of completing the final few revisions, I have opted to switch to a new (much shorter) middle grade fantasy book called The Techno Wizard. The decision was painful, but in the end was the right one. I have now finished the book and love it. I started querying agents on Aug 1, 2017 and will keep you all posted as I hear back and things progress. For the latest news go here: The Techno Wizard

Here you will find a brief timeline of my writing experience:

  • Nov 2008: Decided “Hey, let me think of a cool idea for a book”
  • 2009 – Early 2012:  Brainstormed, took notes, read fantasy books, studied writing, wrote beginning chapters of novel.
  • June 2012: Back surgery.  While recovering, watched entire semester of Brandon Sanderson’s BYU class “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy”.  Started to take writing seriously.
  • June 2013: Attended “Out of Excuses Writers Retreat” in Chattanooga, TN
  • July 2014: Finished 1st draft
  • May 2015: Finished 2nd draft
  • Jan 2016: Finished 3rd draft
  • Jan 2016: Sent 3rd draft to freelance editor
  • May 2016: Finish 4th draft
  • May 2016: Start 5th draft
  • Oct 2016: Shelve 5th draft
  • Oct 2016: Outline new middle grade book
  • Nov 2016: Start writing new middle grade book
  • Feb 2017: Attend LTUE
  • May 2017: Finish 1st draft of middle grade book. Start 2nd draft
  • July 2017: Finish 2nd draft. Send to beta readers
  • Aug 2017: Send out first round of queries to agents
  • Oct 2017: Continue revisions
  • Dec 2017: Sign with agent
  • Mar 2018: Sign massive book deal
  • Early 2019: Debut on NYT Bestseller’s list
  • Late 2019: Announcement for movie to be made based off of book series
  • Early 2022: Movie based off of my book series breaks box office records
  • Late 2025: Video game released based off of book series
  • Mid 2028: Break ground for theme park based off of book series


*Note: events in red have not yet happened and may be subject to not actually happening


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