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My website for my new book series The Epic Adventures of the Techno Wizard is now live!! Please go to for all the details!!


Here you will find a brief timeline of my writing experience:

  • Nov 2008: Decided “Hey, let me think of a cool idea for a book”
  • 2009 – Early 2012:  Brainstormed, took notes, read fantasy books, studied writing, wrote beginning chapters of Adult Epic Fantasy novel, A Place Among Heroes.
  • June 2012: Back surgery.  While recovering, watched entire semester of Brandon Sanderson’s BYU class “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy”.  Started to take writing seriously.
  • June 2013: Attended “Out of Excuses Writers Retreat” in Chattanooga, TN
  • July 2014: Finished 1st draft
  • May 2015: Finished 2nd draft
  • Jan 2016: Finished 3rd draft
  • Jan 2016: Sent 3rd draft to freelance editor
  • May 2016: Finish 4th draft
  • May 2016: Start 5th draft
  • Oct 2016: Shelve 5th draft of A Place Among Heroes
  • Oct 2016: Outline new middle grade book, The Epic Adventures of the Techno Wizard
  • Nov 2016: Start writing Techno Wizard
  • Feb 2017: Attend LTUE
  • May 2017: Finish 1st draft of Techno Wizard. Start 2nd draft
  • July 2017: Finish 2nd draft. Send to beta readers
  • Aug 2017: Send out first round of queries to agents
  • Oct 2017: Get rejected by all agents. Decide to self publish. Complete 3rd draft
  • Nov 2017: Found editor, cover artist. Outlined Book #2
  • Dec 2017: Receive cover art and edits. Begin 4th draft
  • Jan 2018: Finish novel. Begin recording Audiobook
  • Feb 2018: Finalize cover. Market book
  • April 2, 2018: PUBLISH TECHNO WIZARD
  • Aug 2018: Start 2nd book, The Uncharted Lands
  • Dec 2018: Publish Book 2, The Uncharted Lands

Mike Thayer Avalon Techno Wizard Map




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